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x 1

or X  (ĕks)
n. pl. x's or X's also xs or Xs
1. The 24th letter of the modern English alphabet.
2. Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter x.
3. The 24th in a series.
4. Something shaped like the letter X.
5. A mark inscribed to represent the signature of one who is unable to sign one's name.
6. An unknown or unnamed factor, thing, or person.
tr.v. x'd, x'ing, x's or X'd or X'ing or X's
1. To mark or sign with an X.
2. To delete, cancel, or obliterate with a series of X's. Often used with out.

x 2

The symbol for abscissa.

X 1

A movie rating indicating that admission will not be granted to anyone under the age of 17.

X 2

1. The symbol for reactance.
2. also x The symbol for the Roman numeral 10.
3. A symbol for the word cross. Used in combination, as in Xing for crossing or motoX for motocross.

X 3

1. Christ (Greek Χριστος, Khristos)
2. Christian
3. or x ex
4. ex dividend
5. or x experimental
6. extra
a. extreme
b. extremely
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extra small.
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