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A yellow to orange chromatophore of a fish, amphibian, or reptile, containing pteridines and carotenoids.
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Pigment cells (chromophores) are melanophores, similar to melanocytes (black), xanthophores (yellow), and iridophores (light grey).
Until recently, almost all research on zebrafish stripes focused on the other two pigment cells: the black cells (called melanophores) and the yellow cells (called xanthophores).
Mature chromatophores are often grouped by the color of their reflectance under white light: xanthophores (yellow), erythrophores (red), iridophores (reflective and/or iridescent), leucophores (white), melanophores (black/brown), and cyanophores (blue).
Yellow pigment cells called xanthophores reach out toward black pigment cells called melanophores.
Complete albinism is expressed as a lack of integumentary and retinal melanin, however, true albinos can exhibit integumentary coloration due to the other types of chromatophores: xanthophores and iridophores (CLARK, 2002).
In terms of diagnostic color patterns, they have xanthophores associated with the trunk melanophores and a single erythrophore at the base of the caudal fin (Fig.