Xaverian Brother

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Xa·ve·ri·an Brother

n. Roman Catholic Church
A member of a congregation of lay brothers dedicated to education.

[After Saint Francis Xavier.]
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Since 1964, when the order first came to the area, four Xaverian priests, one Xaverian brother and a laywoman have been fatally shot while serving in the tumultuous Great Lakes region.
Young Babe Ruth: His Early Life and Baseball Career, from the Memoirs of a Xaverian Brother. Edited by Harry Rothgerber.
Eddy, CFX, a Xaverian Brother for 43 years, originally from Westborough and graduate of St.
He concentrates on the Irish Christian Brothers and the Marist Brothers, although he makes occasional mention of the Xaverian Brothers and the Marianists (who only came from America to open one school in Ireland in 1967 and have been in Australia for an even shorter time).
in Worcester in 1955 when the Xaverian Brothers moved out to run St.
He attended the exclusive Xaverian Brothers Catholic high school and made the Dean's List at Northeastern University.
John's Prep, a Xaverian Brothers sponsored secondary school for young men, is dedicated to preparing all of its 1,200 students to take full advantage of today's technology resources and encourages the use of Wi-Fi enabled devices in the curriculum.
King, senior partner for Massey Knakal Realty Services, has been named chairman of the board of Brooklyn's Nazareth Regional High School, Brother Arthur Caliman, CFX, General Superior of the Congregation of Xaverian Brothers, has announced.
Sebastian's School; Tabor Academy; Thayer Academy; Walnut Hill School; The Wheeler School Whitinsville Christian School; Winsor School; The Woodward School; Worcester Academy; Xaverian Brothers High School.
He was educated by the Xaverian Brothers at Clapham and at Exeter University.
The Xaverian Brothers moved out in 1955 but another Roman Catholic cause took over the property.
Mary's Industrial School for Boys, run by Xaverian Brothers. Despite all of the religious instruction and the disciplined schedule, it was a tough school with many hardened kids, a number of whom went bad, and some downright rotten, such as alumnus Richard Whittemore, executed in 1927 for slaughtering a guard in prison, where he had been sent for leading a gang of thugs responsible for no less than nine murders.