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 (zā′vē-ər, zăv′ē-), Saint Francis 1506-1552.
Spanish Jesuit missionary. A cofounder of the Society of Jesus (1534) with Ignatius of Loyola, he established missions in Japan, Ceylon, and the East Indies.


(ˈzeɪvɪə; ˈzæv-; Spanish xaˈβjɛr)
(Biography) Saint Francis, known as the Apostle of the Indies. 1506–52, Spanish missionary, who was a founding member of the Jesuit society (1534) and later preached in Goa, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), the East Indies, and Japan. Feast day: Dec 3


(ˈzeɪ vi ər, ˈzæv i-, ˈzeɪ vyər)

Saint Francis (Francisco Javier), 1506–52, Spanish Jesuit missionary.
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Noun1.Xavier - Spanish missionary and Jesuit who establish missionaries in Japan and Ceylon and the East Indies (1506-1552)


[ˈzeɪvɪəʳ] NJavier
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