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(Biography) 3rd century ad, queen of Palmyra (?267–272), who was captured by the Roman emperor Aurelian


(zəˈnoʊ bi ə)

(Septimia Bathzabbai) died after A.D. 272, queen of Palmyra in Syria A.D. 267–272.
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Two Curragh trainers will target listed prizes in Ascot tomorrow, with Bill Farrell set to run both the progressive Xenobia (Fran Berry) and Orangey Red (Leigh Roche) in the October Stakes.
05 Naas 8 Kiss The Wind 12 Realt Rua 16 Xenobia 8 Whitecliffsofdover 2.
In the opening maiden it is hard to look past the chances of Xenobia, while Sweet Sounds is taken to stay unbeaten on her comeback in the three-year-old handicap.
The sources asserted further that Iran had recently recruited at least 3,000 Pakistani Shiites into its Xenobia brigade that is fighting in Syria in support of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.
Curated by Shannon Ayers Holden, the exhibition is described as an exploration of the radical power of transformation, the theme of transcendence and the presentation of a new world material culture as seen through the works of three artists from the African Diaspora: American textile artist Xenobia Bailey, Moroccan-born photographer and designer, Hassan Hajjaj, and British Trinidadian filmmaker and sculptor, Zak Ove.
El saber como forma de mitigacion de problemas sociales basados en la incomprension como el racismo y la xenobia, que aisla a los seres humanos, amplia las diferencias y excluye grupos humanos.
Gallery's 2003 line up includes a solo exhibit of fiber artist Xenobia Bailey, a twenty-five year retrospective of the photographer Cheryl Miller, and a group show with a hip hop theme.
Vivian French is one of my favourite authors - I like Xenobia the Mouse.
Al desenmascarar la farsa de los religiosos, Xenobia se gana el repudio de todos y el exilio obligado: "Querian --sostiene-- tostarme en la hoguera ante un populacho enardecido, en la misma forma que tuestan a .