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(Biography) ?396–314 bc, Greek Platonic philosopher
Xenocratic adj


(zəˈnɒk rəˌtiz)

396–314 B.C., Greek philosopher.
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As if the angel of death had chilled all gay and sprightly fancies - as if that wan form had scared away the Graces to whom Xenocrates sacrificed - silence immediately reigned through the study, and every one resumed his self-possession and his pen.
Bobonich and Lorenz are by no means the first to hold a version of the standard view of belief formation, as a classical version of the standard view was held in the Old Academy by Xenocrates, and then later in antiquity by Proclus.
The evidence is frustratingly scanty, but it seems that Xenocrates and Polemo, respectively the second and third heads of the Academy after Plato, played a crucial role in passing this reading on to Zeno of Citium, the founder of the Stoa.
25) Others specifically named by Cicero are Epicurus, the Scythian Anacharsis and Xenocrates, the peripatetic contemporary of Diogenes.
There is some evidence that Speusippus and Xenocrates, Plato's successors at the Academy, viewed Plato's account of the demiurge as standing in a causal, rather than temporal, relation to the cosmos, i.
A reference, in part, to Aristotle, who for three years lived and taught in Assos with Erastus and Xenocrates.
67) It is rather the first four academies who interpret Plato more correctly, and of these, it is the academies of Xenocrates and Ammonius, the first and the fourth, who have done the best job: