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n. xenón 133, radioisótopo de xenón usado en la fotoescanción del pulmón.
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The fact that vecuronium was injected subcutaneously in the richly vascular neck region could have been the reason for the relatively earlier recovery in our patient compared to Tramay [6] or Pradhan [7] instances (injection in the upper limb) because there is a regional difference in skin blood flow at various sites of the body as studied by use of xenon 133 with a tendency for the flow to decrease gradually from the upper part of the body to the lower.
La compagnie Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) a detecte a l'interieur du reacteur nA2 de faibles quantite de gaz xenon 133 et 135.
The operator also detected both xenon 133 and xenon 135 isotopes from gas samples on Monday.
Cockrell School of Engineering Associate Professor and nuclear expert Steven Biegalski and his team of researchers detected an inert radioactive material, Xenon 133, among the effluents, Eurekalert reports.