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A member of Generation X.
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NEWARK, N.J: The "gig economy" has become an important source of income for three generations of Americans: Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.
Many Generation Xers grew up as under protected children in overly permissive homes where parents were frequently absent.
Likewise, a Gen Xer may not agree with an assumed organizational policy of working overtime on a habitual basis, even though the practice may have originated years before in a Traditionalist-or Boomer-dominated workplace.
They straddle the boundary line between last-wave Boomers and first-wave Generation Xers. Political consultant Jonathan Pontell labels them "Generation Jones."
Yet, too often, Generation Xers are doing anything but leaping at the chance to advance.
Moreover, Gen Xers are entering their peak earning years with a sufficiently different of experiences and expectations that could rewrite the rules of remodeling relationships.
Gen Xers, now parents themselves, more than a decade into their careers and struggling with mortgage payments and responsibilities (and, as a result, suddenly feeling suspiciously like their own parents), present a unique business opportunity for advisors.
XER has secured the licences from the United Kingdom Department of Energy and Climate Change in the 26th Offshore Licensing Round.
* Top shopping influences on Gen Xers and boomers include store circulars.
Nearly half of Gen Xers and baby boomers say they are interested in having some money in ESG investments, compared with 66% of millennials
Dividing millennials into younger and older cohorts highlights the disparities between the two age groups, and paints a picture of older millennials that is much closer to Gen Xers and younger boomers.