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(Spanish ˈxerɛθ)
(Placename) the former name of Jerez


(həˈreɪs, -ˈrɛz)

a city in SW Spain. 180,444.
Also called Jerez′ de la Fron•te′ra (frʌnˈtɛər ə) Formerly, Xeres.
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Amiel Leonardia, Rolando Tinio, Lu Decenteceo, Ogie Juliano and Chiqui Xeres Burgos in Dulaang UP's 'St.
He was followed by Raed Mahmood who came second, riding his horse Xeres De Saulvons from Al Ajyal Stable, and completed the race in a total time of 03:53:23 hours.
In the same way, we would say a Bordeaux to denote a wine from Bordeaux, a Porto for one from Porto, or again a Sherry for a wine from Xeres (4).
The hairless, bronze god-king Xeres, played by Rodrigo Santoro
82) Me permito reenviar a la ultima parte de mi trabajo: Saverio XERES, Storia della Chiesa, en Giacomo CANOBBIO, Piero CODA (eds.
En 1274 se alude al termino de la aldea de Carrizal, <<o se parten los terminos entre Xeres, Arcos e Lebrixa>> (88).
Although wines of varying origins and quality were referred to as sack, those whose trajectories I trace in global trade networks and English literary culture were produced in Spanish dominions, whether the Canary Islands or Xeres and Malaga on the peninsula.
Incluyo a dos padres capuchinos italianos, Lorenzo da Bra y Lorenzo da Mentone, y al padre capuchino espanol, Jeronimo de Xeres.
lt;<Il Vaticano II tra storia e teologia: status quaestionis>>, Revista Espanola de Teologia 72 (2012) 449-468, aqui 450; XERES, S.
Feeling the heat in Spain, the manager of struggling Segunda Division outfit Xeres, Carlos Rios, was asked how he would cope with the pressure of their next key game against table-topping Elche.
The bank had acquired the application suite, Equalizer II, Equalizer web & Xeres in 2011, and the integrated solution has been implemented across Private Banking and Asset Management.
8 Roma tomatoes, peeled, halved 3 tablespoons plus 1 1/2 teaspoons olive oil 1 shallot, finely chopped 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 1 sprig basil 3 drops Xeres vinegar 2 button mushrooms, diced Freshly ground black pepper to taste