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A landscaping method that employs drought-resistant plants and special techniques to conserve water.

xer′i·scape′ v.


(Horticulture) a landscaping method designed to conserve water in arid regions by using plants that require little water and by employing efficient irrigation techniques
vb (tr)
(Horticulture) to landscape (an arid place) in a way that conserves by using plants that require little water and by employing efficient irrigation techniques
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By converting nearly 50,000 square feet of turf grass to xeriscape and modifying almost 85,000 square feet of its irrigation system, the facilities savings add up to $84,000 per year.
Landscaping shall be based upon Xeriscape design principles and reclaim irrigation.
Contrary to popular belief, a xeriscape yard or patio can still be used for a traditional home such as those that we have in the South.
As an innovative team, TFMoran is a leader in green technology and claims many of the region's "firsts" including the first commercial use of porous pavement, the first green roof, the first commercial use of bio-retention, the first commercial use of grass-pavers and xeriscape plantings, as well as many other "firsts" in low-impact development strategies.
Each letter is represented by a fantastic view of the designated plant, animal, or scene, keeping heavily detailed pages turning all the way until "X is for Xeriscape," "Y is for Yucca (Yucca angustissima)," and "Z is for Zigzag.
Visitors to the Shedd can see a number of garden types at the aquarium's sustainable landscape exhibit including a Rain Garden where water runoff is collected and utilized by the plants; a Xeriscape Garden which can survive droughts without irrigation; and a Wetland Garden which utilizes plants that are suitable for low-lying or flood-prone areas.
Most HOAs, he said, "limit the ability of a homeowner to xeriscape.
Xeriscape is a contemporary landscape maintenance term coined from the Greek xeros, meaning dry, and scape, from the Anglo-Saxon term schap, meaning view.
A decade ago, when it gained popularity in urban areas, the common way to xeriscape was to rip out the parking strip and plant awkward little tufts of grass in a stiff, unnatural pattern.
75 for every square foot of lawn converted to Xeriscape up to 2,000 square feet, and has rebate programs for high-efficiency showerheads, toilets, washing machines, and hot water recirculation systems.
Xeriscape, Xeriscape LLC, 3014 Raven Crest, Bellingham, WA 98226
When describing the present situation with Xeriscape in Florida, the staff analysis noted that, "[i]n some subdivisions, developers, homeowners' associations, and other entities have developed deed restrictions and covenants that impose strict requirements on property owners in relation to the manner and style of landscaping and other aesthetic features for the subdivision.