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Extremely obese people are more likely than normal-weight individuals to injure themselves, contends Huiyun Xiang, an investigator with the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Columbus (Ohio) Children's Research Institute.
Gao (Sean) Xiang was sent to Sudbury by his parents when he finished high school in China.
When the topic of collaboration in ECSE programs was introduced, Xiang raised her hand and simply asked: "Must we collaborate?
In comparing the tack results with a model previously proposed by Xiang and Bousfield in 1998, which adopts a geometry of parallel plate separation in a fluid medium, we found a considerable mismatch.
Chinese Finance Minister Xiang Huaicheng said Monday the Chinese yuan is under pressure to appreciate.
6% in 2002 to create a more high-tech fighting force to ''better safeguard national sovereignty,'' Chinese Finance Minister Xiang Huaicheng said Wednesday.
Jinhua Xiang of the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and colleagues.
Arrested were Lin Kongbin, 25, Wen Jinlian, 29, her brother-in-law Yang Jingguang, 46, Lin Xiang, 34, his wife He Liying, 24 and Yang Xiumei, 35, the police said, adding they are searching for an unnamed man who sold the younger Lin the bogus notes, which all have the number NF292682E.
The well-mannered husband, Jin Xiang, always neat, affable, and assiduous, gives the impression of being serene, controlled in his comportment at home and in the office.
It is purchased by a mother for her young daughter, Xiang Pei (Sylvia Chang), who grows up to be a prominent member of the Communist Party during the 1960s Cultural Revolution.
Something of a coup de theatre surfaces when Wang Chiang-mei as the Goddess of the Xiang River dominates the stage trailing a seemingly endless white veil, manipulated and arranged at one point like Robert Smithson's postmodern earth work called Spiral Jetty.
Xiang Xiu wrote a famous commentary, the Zhuangzi zhu, with Guo Xiang, a neo-Daoist contemporary, on the works of the early Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi (died c.