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(shyäng′) or Xiang·jiang (-jyäng′)
A river of southern China flowing about 800 km (500 mi) northeast through Hunan province to the Yangtze River.


(ʃjɑːŋ) ,




1. (Placename) a river in SE central China, rising in NE Guangxi and flowing northeast and north to Dongting Lake. Length: about 1150 km (715 miles)
2. (Placename) a river in S China, rising in SE Yunnan and flowing generally east to the Hongxiu (the upper course of the Xi River). Length: about 800 km (500 miles)
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Hong Kong: Fitch Ratings has assigned China-based Hunan XiangJiang New Area Development Group Co.
The 354-room hotel crowns a 61-story tower on prestigious Xiangjiang Road, offering breathtaking views of Xiang River and the city skyline.
Guests can savor Hunans legendary spicy cuisine and nation-wide favorite specialty Peking duck at Chinese restaurant Xiangjiang 36, and prime cut meats grilled on your table at BBQ.
And the only domestic coatings companies which are in top 10 are Xiangjiang Paint, Yip's Chemical and Carpoly.
Using stable lead isotopes to trace heavy metal contamination sources in sediments of Xiangjiang and Lishui Rivers in China.
Roadway Length (m) Number of lanes Aoti 3100 6 Mengdu 3550 8 Xinglong 3670 4 Yingtian 3800 8 Jiqingmen 4000 6 Hudong 1000 4 Shuiximen 410 8 Hanzhongmen 1820 4 Qingliangmen 1400 4 Xiangjiang 980 4 Longyuannan 790 4 Caochangmen 1700 6 Yangzijiang 6050 8 Leshan 2000 4 Yanshan 4020 6 Jiangdong 6600 8 Lushan 3830 6 Huangshan 3900 6 Taishan 4000 4 Qingjiang 1900 6 Lijiang 930 4 Zhanjiang 2220 4 Longyuanzhong 800 2 Longyuandong 750 2
More specifically, the survey was conducted in furniture chain stores, such as IKEA; large furniture centers, such as Block & Quayle (a British multinational do-it-yourself and home improvement retailing company) and Red Star Macalline (the largest national furniture mall chain in China); and furniture malls, such as Shenzhen Xiangjiang Home Furnishing European city.
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Another year, the fledgling philanthropists took four UO environmental studies graduate students to examine pollution in the Xiangjiang River.
Assessment of surface water quality using multivariatestatistical techniques in red soil hilly region: a case studyof Xiangjiang watershed, China.
Scientists Professor Mike Bruford and Dr Xiangjiang Zhan, from Cardiff University, have cracked the bird of prey's DNA code for the first time, revealing how it has evolved rapidly compared to its peers.