Jimenez de Cisneros

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Jiménez de Cis·ne·ros

 (dĕ sēs-nĕ′rōs, thĕ thēs-), Francisco 1436-1517.
Spanish prelate and political leader. The confessor of Isabella I, he imposed conversion to Christianity on the Moors of Granada, leading to an uprising (1499-1500), and was appointed grand inquisitor (1507). He founded the university of Alcalá de Henares (1508).
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Jiménez de Cisneros

(Spanish xiˈmeneð ðe θizˈnerɔs)
(Biography) Francisco (franˈθisko). 1436–1517, Spanish cardinal and statesman; regent of Castile (1506–07) and Spain (1516–17) and grand inquisitor for Castile and León (1507–17). Also: Ximenes de Cisneros or Ximenez de Cisneros
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Noun1.Jimenez de Cisneros - prelate who was the confessor of Isabella I and who was later appointed Grand Inquisitor (1436-1517)
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Historians specializing in various periods and and aspects of Iberian history focus on the geographically and ideologically central city of Toledo from the Muslim Conquest in 711 to the the death of Cardinal Ximenez de Cisneros in 1517.