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5 million and a state-owned rail network with over 12,500 workers are being serviced by the Xref platform.
16 September 2016 - US- and UK-based document authoring software provider Microsystems has merged with US-and UK-based document drafting and review company XRef, the company said.
Foram considerados falhos os espacamentos com valor = 1,5 Xref (teorico), multiplos os espacamentos = 0,5 Xref e os demais foram classificados como aceitaveis (KURACHI et al.
Conforme a ABNT (1996), considerou-se como espacamentos aceitaveis os compreendidos entre 0,5 a 1,5 XREF; duplos os espacamentos menores que 0,5 XREF e falhos os espacamentos maiores que 1,5 XREF, sendo que o espacamento teorico calculado (recomendado agronomicamente) entre plantas (XREF) foi igual a 62,5 mm.
Cross references to other procedure tags or individual step, identifier, value, and figure tags may be specified using an xref tag that points to a unique id attribute in those elements.
TABLE 1: PROCEDURE STRUCTURE AND OTHER DOCUMENTS WHERE PARTS ARE REUSED Procedure model Element used in Title All Xref to previous procedure Help, User guide Prerequisites User guide, Training Introduction User guide, Training (Notes, cautions, warnings) Help, User guide Objective Training Step All Action All Result User guide, Training Exercise Training Xref to next procedure All
Automatic XREF uploads for DWG, DXF, and DGN file formats
This software can be used within Web browsers and offers display controls and filters for layers, blocks and xref.
The XREF (cross reference) function enables us to quickly ripple design changes throughout all of the disciplines," says Draper.