crystal oscillator

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Noun1.crystal oscillator - an oscillator that produces electrical oscillations at a frequency determined by the physical characteristics of a piezoelectric quartz crystal
oscillator - generator that produces sonic oscillations or alternating current
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GTAT attorneys were able to come up with language that satisfied Tera Xtal and appeared to satisfy Boroff, but the judge said he would need to see a completed agreement before approving it.
CEC Xtal is a subsidiary of China Electronics Panda Information Industry Group, a leading information technology group in China.
Tambien Berlin y Berlin (1996: 347) registran esta etiologia en distintos lugares: xtal ta vi'nal (Chenalho, "se trata del hambre"); ja' tey ta xlik mi oy ba ta jtz'ikutik vi'nal (Pantelho, "comienza si aguantamos el hambre") y oy k'usi ep ta jnoptik, [sok] ta vi'nal (Chalchihuitan, "por preocuparnos y da hambre").
The source for generating the clock signal is 20MHz XTAL with two 15pF ceramic capacitors.
Mi ana'ojxa k'usi at'ujoj ta ba'yuk siak'ovile 24, t'ujo bu junukal k'usi lek xa na'e: li k'usi chak'upin ta tojolale, bu ta xtal avu'un li snopbenale?
These beautiful garnets have not been around in a while, but Dennis Beals of Xtal (www.