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 (sho͞o′jō′) also Sü·chow (so͞o′chou′, sü′jō′)
A city of eastern China north-northwest of Nanjing in Jiangsu province.


(ˈʃuːˈdʒəʊ) ,




(Placename) a city in N central China, in NW Jiangsu province: scene of a decisive battle (1949) in which the Communists defeated the Nationalists. Pop: 1 662 000 (2005 est)



also Süchow

a city in NW Jiangsu province, in E China. 805,695.
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para]]XUZHOU, China, May 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- XCMG's Belt and Road Initiative overseas service tour officially set out this afternoon in Xuzhou.
The group, which opened its first international franchise store in Abu Dhabi in 2013, now plans to open three large stores in major Chinese cities - Nanjing, Chongqing and Xuzhou.
ELLIOT SLESSOR produced his best professional performance to date by reaching the last 16 of the Xuzhou Open in China.
LARKHALL'S Graeme Dott and Musselburgh's Ross Muir crashed out in the third round of the Xuzhou Snooker Open in China yesterday.
has confirmed that its Xuzhou, Jiangsu facility is EU-certified to deliver shellfish-derived glucosamine to Europe--making it the only facility in China, and the world, to offer both EU approved shellfish and vegetal-sourced glucosamine from a single facility, according to the company.
The journalists later visited China's Xuzhou, and Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG) in particular.
The other patient, aged 63, raised six chickens at home and also visited live poultry stalls at a market near his home in Xuzhou city, the local health authorities said.
According to the Chinese media, the unnamed man, 40, committed suicide from the 7th floor of the Xuzhou Golden Eagle mall because of his spat with his partner, News.
Te expansion project includes seven on-going new general food plants producing beverage and instant noodles in Xuzhou, Hainan, Shaanxi, Henan, Guiyang, Hangzhou, and Shijiazhuang, which will likely come online next year.
Bloomington, MN, will begin construction on two new manufacturing plants in Xuzhou, China, to serve the fast-growing filtration needs of China's diesel-powered equipment and industrial.
The event is being organized in collaboration with the Pakistan Science Foundation, National Testing Service, Higher Education Commission, Xuzhou Normal University, Capital Development Authority, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry and NADRA Pakistan.
Newcastle, Australia, has announced an initiative to raise $100 million to establish a metalcasting facility in Xuzhou, China, and fund two U.