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Noun1.Xylaria - type genus of Xylariaceae; fungi with perithecia in the upper part of erect black woody stromata
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Xylariaceae, Xylariaceae - family of fungi characterized by dark brown to black spores
black root rot fungus, Xylaria mali - fungus causing black root rot in apples
dead-man's-fingers, dead-men's-fingers, Xylaria polymorpha - the fruiting bodies of the fungi of the genus Xylaria
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This can in part be attributed to the preservation of woods in xylaria. Septate fibers can usually be detected in wood samples have been dried, but there may be many more instances of non-septate living fibers that have been missed because living but non-septate fibers cannot be identified in dried wood samples.
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These were identified as Phomopsis asparagi, Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, Calonectria eucalypti and Xylaria sp.
Xylaria putaminum (Ascomycota, Xylariaceae) en Sevilla, suroeste de la peninsula Iberica.
Xylaria, Xylocoremium) known to generally produce somewhat conspicuous ascomata.
On the other hand, Sample_ID_4 was identified as Xylaria papulis (GU300100.1) with 100% identity using 272 bp sequences and found to have 99% bootstrap value using the 28 related sequences (Figure 4).
Wuling capsule, a traditional Chinese medicine, is comprised mainly of Wuling mycelia of Xylaria nigripes (Kl.) Sacc (a rare type of fungus).