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Noun1.Xylaria - type genus of Xylariaceae; fungi with perithecia in the upper part of erect black woody stromata
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Xylariaceae, Xylariaceae - family of fungi characterized by dark brown to black spores
black root rot fungus, Xylaria mali - fungus causing black root rot in apples
dead-man's-fingers, dead-men's-fingers, Xylaria polymorpha - the fruiting bodies of the fungi of the genus Xylaria
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These were identified as Phomopsis asparagi, Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, Calonectria eucalypti and Xylaria sp.
2007) found that the highest activity of Xylaria polymorpha laccase enzyme was observed between 55[degrees] and 60[degrees]C.
Xylaria putaminum (Ascomycota, Xylariaceae) en Sevilla, suroeste de la peninsula Iberica.
Wuling capsule, a traditional Chinese medicine, is comprised mainly of Wuling mycelia of Xylaria nigripes (Kl.
wooden sculptures, buildings) comes as a pleasant surprise; one wishes more information were given on preservation methods and what effective practices in xylaria have been.
The induction of antagonism lines (zone lines) has been achieved with monocultures by means of the species Xylaria polymorpha (Pers.
Ohashi, Transformation of Cinchona Alkaloids into 1-N-Oxide Derivatives by Endophytic Xylaria sp.
Las especies de Xylaria (Ascomycota, Xylariaceae) conocidas de Veracruz, Mexico, y discusion de nuevos registros.