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Noun1.Xylocopa - carpenter beesXylocopa - carpenter bees      
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Apidae, family Apidae - honeybees; carpenter bees; bumblebees
carpenter bee - large solitary bee that lays eggs in tunnels bored into wood or plant stems
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Outer tegula distance is only included for species in which a minimum of three specimens were captured # Collected # Observed on Video Bees Apidae Apis meWfera 13 5 Bambus impatiens 16 Bombus pensylvanicus 8 4 Nomada fervida 1 Svastra atripes 7 Xylocopa micans 6 9 Halictidae Agapostemon splendens 16 23 Augochlora pur a 1 Lasioglossu m 1 apopkensis Lasioglossum 1 reticulatum Lasioglossum 3 tarponense Lasioglossum spp.
142 NT is the number of total species; SD (species density) = NT/ [ln(area) + ln(elevation range)]; NE is the number of endemic species; EI (endemism index) = [NE/(NT--NE)]/[ln(area) + ln(elevation range)]; En is Endemic ratio (percentage of endemic species) Table 2 Data for Chinese Gesneriaeeae with known pollinators Species Pollinator Titanotrichum oldhamii Ceratina flavipes, Notocrypta curvifascia, Xylocopa sp.
Outras abelhas como as dos generos Xylocopa e Exomalopsis atuaram tambem como agente polinizadores pois, ao coletarem o polen, tocavam nas estruturas reprodutivas favorecendo a polinizacao.
The data depicted that maximum population was observed in insect pollinators, Xylocopa sp.
En este sentido, los insectos del genero Xylocopa (Hymcnoptera: Anthophoridae) presentan un patron de movimiento entre las flores y las dimensiones apropiadas, por lo que son considerados como los agentes polinizadores mas eficientes para este cultivo (Hoffmann et al.
Apis mellifera and Xylocopa appendiculata (Bees) were observed in each month of study.