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(zɪst) ,




1. (Architecture) a long portico, esp one used in ancient Greece for athletics
2. (Architecture) (in ancient Rome) a covered garden walk or one lined with trees
[C17: from Latin xystus, from Greek xustos, literally: smoothed, polished (area), from xuein to scrape, make smooth]
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Eventually the young Lawrence went to Caesaraugusta (today Zaragoza, Spain) to study with a renowned Greek Christian teacher named Xystus (in Latin, Sixtus).
Books say Sixtus comes from a Greek name Xystus, meaning "polished", and should not be confused with Sextus, Latin for sixth.
Bongabon, Nueva Ecija -- In the interest of onion farmers, Mayor Allan Xystus Gamilla of this town has urged the Department of Agriculture (DA) to call a summit on the forthcoming integration of the member-economies of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
Asiya Hong Kong is managed by its two executive directors, Sulaiman Alireza and Dan Xystus.
Asiya Investments Hong Kong is managed by its two executive directors, Sulaiman Alireza and Dan Xystus.
El uso del termino xystus en las primeras lineas del dialogo --"Estando ocioso en mi casa, paseandome por el portico, vinieron a mi, segun su costumbre, Marco Bruto y Tito Pomponio, grandes amigos entre si" (Cic.
KCIC Principal for Investments, Dan Xystus said, "We have spent the last three years laying the foundation for this launch and are very excited about the prospects of this fund based on growing demand for Asia focused investment opportunities that are liquid and appropriately hedged against severe market downturns.
Thomas de Vio Cajetan, Cardinal of Saint Xystus, to the Venerable Father, Friar Andrew of Brixia, and Prior of Brixia, a Preface on a Treatise on Money Changing; and (V.
Xystus pulled two sets back when Senior lost to Kosmowsky and Sykes lost to Snowden.
Xystus II 30 Aug 257-6 Aug 258 Dionysius 22 July 259-26 Dec 268 Felix 5 Jan 269-30 Dec 274 Eutychian 4 Jan 275-7 Dec 283 Gaius 17 Dec 283-22 April 296 Marcellinus 30 June 296-25 Oct 304 Marcellus 27 May (or 26 June) 308-16 Jan 309 Eusebius 18 April 309 (or 310)-17 Aug 309 (or 310) Miltiades 2 July 311-11 Jan 314