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"Oh, I'm not goin' t' die yit! There too much dependin' on me fer me t' die yit.
I've an idee I'd a' been fightin' yit, if t'was n't fer Tom Jami- son."
"Yo' ole father doan' know yit what he's a-gwyne to do.
He didn't know what he was, nor yit what he hed bin, an' thet way he run ag'in' Uncle Salters, who was visitin' 'n Allegheny City.
"Well, boss, you've kind o' got me, there--and yit you hain't got me so mighty much, nuther.
Sangsby," says Jo, "I went and giv a illness to the lady as wos and yit as warn't the t'other lady, and none of 'em never says nothink to me for having done it, on accounts of their being ser good and my having been s'unfortnet.
"I never done nothink yit, but wot you knows on, to get myself into no trouble.
Why, that pictur was made afore Christmas, and yit it's come as true as th' Bible.
This is an important step in the development of YIT wants to provide its customers with services that increase the quality of life.
According to YIT, repurchased shares will be used as a part of the company's incentive programmes.
YIT saidA it would pay the priceA in instalments over a number of years.
The Helsinki-based company, which owned 70% of YIT Reding prior to the deal, bought the remaining 30% interest from the company's minority shareholder and founder Ladislav Versovsky, who will continue to serve as chairman of the unit's board.