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In the Bible, the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham. His 12 sons became the progenitors of the 12 tribes of Israel.

[Late Latin Iacōbus, from Greek Iakōb, from Hebrew ya'ăqōb, (God) has protected; see ʕqb in Semitic roots.]
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1. (Bible) Old Testament the son of Isaac, twin brother of Esau, and father of the twelve patriarchs of Israel
2. (Animals) Also called: Jacob sheep any of an ancient breed of sheep having a fleece with dark brown patches and two or four horns
[sense 2 in allusion to Genesis 30:40]
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(ˈdʒeɪ kəb)

a son of Isaac and Rebekah, younger twin of Esau, and father of the 12 patriarchs. Gen. 24:24–34.
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Noun1.Jacob - French biochemist who (with Jacques Monod) studied regulatory processes in cells (born in 1920)
2.Jacob - (Old Testament) son of Isaac; brother of Esau; father of the twelve patriarchs of Israel; Jacob wrestled with God and forced God to bless him, so God gave Jacob the new name of Israel (meaning `one who has been strong against God')
Old Testament - the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible
patriarch - any of the early biblical characters regarded as fathers of the human race
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[ˈdʒeɪkəb] NJacob
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nJakob m
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This is, for example, what Esau tells us about the name Ya'akov, after he finds that the latter has taken away his blessing: And he said: 'Is he not rightly named Ya'akov?
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(3.)Tefilah Kehilkhata 8:4, which clearly states that women are not obligated in communal prayer; such statements are also found in Responsa Shevuot Ya'akov O.H.
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There does seem to be a sharp contrast, as Shaked suggests, between the Shoshanat Ya'akov, the Shoshanah of Jacob in the Jewish tradition (in the Purim poem established by the Great Assembly in the 5th Century, B.C.E.) who is zahala ve'sameha, happy and joyous, and the almost always sad, sleepy, and death-obsessed Shoshanah of Agnon's novella.
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