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n.1.(Zool.) A South American crocodilian (Jacare sclerops) resembling the alligator in size and habits. The eye orbits are connected together, and surrounded by prominent bony ridges. Called also spectacled alligator, and spectacled cayman.
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And German amateur photographer Gunter Heinz was there to snap the Yacare caiman, a member of the crocodile family, biting down on its fish supper.
La adicion de salvado de soja a la dieta de Caiman yacare redujo el consumo de alimento y produjo disminucion de la longitud total y longitud del hocico--cloaca de los animales (1).
He searched a computer database of sequences and found a perfect match--the Yacare caiman, a threatened species of South American crocodilian
Large populations of yacare caiman, howler monkeys, capybaras, and marsh deer inhabit the region's marshes, lakes, and floating "islands," huge mats of peaty silt caught in the entwined roots of water hyacinths.
Crocodilian breeders have noted problems with the growth and development of neonatal Yacare Caimans, which are known to suffer from stress induced mortality rates.
The zoo has also successfully bred other crocodilians, including the Chinese alligator, the Malayan false garial, the Siamese crocodile, the Cuban crocodile and the Yacare caiman.
Hematological and morphometrical muitivariate analysis of changes due to species, sex, and season of the year in Caiman latirostris and Caiman yacare.
The first seven surreal collages were recently exhibited in Buenos Aires under the title of the Yacare Series, a reference to Argentina's amphibious alligator, an animal that can walk but doesn't want to leave the water, for Zimmermann the perfect embodiment of his homeland's confused identity.
Crocodilian breeders have noted problems with the morbidity and mortality rate of neonatal Yacare Caiman and Morelet's Crocodiles.
El objetivo del trabajo fue comparar los erectos de dos diferentes dietas sobre el desarrollo de ejemplares sub-adultos de Caiman yacare en un criadero del nordeste argentino.