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imp.1.Gave. See Give.
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YAF programmes director, Mr Bakang Keitumetse explained that the tour would cover all the 10 districts in Botswana.
In late 2014 AuL led by Abdul-Malek, Hussein's brother, repaired relations with Saleh and the Yemeni Armed Forces (YAF).
First, she addressed YAF chapter leaders from colleges and universities nationwide at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara.
It is not as rich as YAF or the Leadership Institute, but its membership is illustrious and links conservative students who wish to be journalists with high-profile outlets like National Review and Weekly Standard.
He served as editor for YAF's monthly magazine, New Guard, for the next few years, and acquired a new job with a Washington public relations firm.
For a while in previous weeks, the YAF retreated to safer areas.
The majority of incidents were attributed to the Houthis, followed by the YAF, Popular Committees, and AQAP.
During fierce battles with the YAF, Abdul-Malek's leadership gained control over Sa'fa province and its capital.
The contested uprising against Saleh--who remained popular with many Yemenis--sowed dissent within the YAF. (2) The dissent within the Yemeni Army and the removal of key units from vulnerable parts of southern Yemen left a void that AQAP quickly filled.
The Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources (MPMR) until mid-2014 tried hard to keep both pipelines and the gasline operating, with three Yemeni Armed Forces (YAF) divisions having protecting them.
A December 2009 cable between San'a' and various intelligence agencies disseminated by WikiLeaks says US State Department analysts believed the Houthis obtained weapons from the Yemeni black market and corrupt members of the YAF.
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