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 (ī′yə-wä′skə, ä′yə-)
A hallucinogenic brew made from the bark and stems of a tropical South American vine of the genus Banisteriopsis, especially B. caapi, mixed with other psychotropic plants, used especially in shamanistic rituals by certain Amazonian Indian peoples.

[American Spanish, from Quechua, rope of the dead, narcotic : aya, corpse + huasca, rope.]


(ˌaɪəˈwɑːskə) or


(Plants) a Brazilian plant, Banisteriopsis caapi, that has winged fruits and yields a powerful hallucinogenic alkaloid sometimes used to treat certain disorders of the central nervous system: family Malpighiaceae
[C20: from Quechua]


(ˌɑ yəˈwɑ skə)

n., pl. -cas.
a woody South American vine, Banisteriopsis caapi, of the malpighia family, having bark that is the source of harmine, a hallucinogenic alkaloid used by Indians of the Amazon basin.
[< American Spanish; further orig. uncertain]
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Hugo Ball, who had passed through Kandinsky's Munich, especially caught my eye with his Magical Bishop performance and Futurist sound poems that broke the language apart, and this connection was, incidentally, made stronger for me by that footloose proto-postmodernist William Burroughs, who was in the foothills of the Putumayo in the mid-'50s drinking yage with shamans and writing letters about his experience to Allen Ginsberg.
Depending on the region and cultural context of its use, there are a variety of other names for the brew, most notably yage, Daime, hoasca, and vegetal.
Week 10: William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, The Yage Letters
caapi and a range of tryptamine-containing plants, referred to by a range of words including ayahuasca, yage, and natema (c.
For a class on the Beats, Burroughs's Naked Lunch (1959) is essential, but one may want to add Junky (1977) and The Yage Letters (Burroughs and Ginsberg 1963) in order to create an introduction to Burroughs's themes and forms.
Guillermo Mavisoy says it is common to vomit and become ill while consuming yage.
The effects of the drug were documented by writer William S Burroughs in his book The Yage Letters, in which he wrote to poet Allen Ginsberg about his mindaltering experiences.
The ritual he joined in uses a local drug known as yage.
El ceremonial Yage llevo a la muerte a un hombre de 33 anos [The Yage ceremony led to the death of a 33-year-old man].
And we were off again going deeper into the forest--talking of yage.
aboBcom des the coa VanF voy Nat the For many people the highlight of the yage will be the visit to the Glacier Bay tional Park, where glaciers crash into e sea, waterfalls cascade down rugged mountains and bears roam the deserted shores.