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Noun1.Yahi - a member of an extinct North American Indian people who lived in northern California
Hoka, Hokan - a member of a North American Indian people speaking one of the Hokan languages
2.Yahi - the Yanan language spoken by the Yahi
Yanan - a language group of the Hokan family
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Bas yahi hua hai Modi sarkaar mein (Modi ji is like the bride who makes less chapattis but makes noise with her bangles so that neighbours know she is working.
On se rappelle les fameuses declarations de l'ancien keeper tlemcenien, Hicham Mezair, du boss de l'US Chaouia, Abdelmadjid Yahi, du president de l'US Biskra, Brahim Saou, qui avait meme reconnu en direct a la tele avoir combine des matches ou encore de la fameuse affaire CA Batna-JS Saoura en 2012.
The Samavidhana Brahmana (1.4.8 [13]) says prathamas trivargah, which, according to the commentator Sayana, refers to the three Samans originating from the verse agna a yahi vitaye (SV 1.1 = RV 6.16.10).
"Uncle change nahi hai, Ammi nai yahi dia hai" he said, not addressing the media persons.
In a rare tweet in Hindi with a photograph of Adityanath with his cabinet taking the dip in river Ganga, Tharoor had said, "Ganga bhi swachh rakhni hain, aur paap bhi yahi dhone hai.
Ms Jairath has strong ties with community because she has always maintained "Main Aasmaan nahin chhoona chahti, bus aapke dilon ko chho loon, meri yahi hai tammanna".
Abid Yahi of the Botsana International University also addressed the participants.
For his lyrics in Bollywood films, he won three back to back Filmfare awards in the 70s -- for"Kal ka pahiya ghoome re bhaiyya..."from the film"Chanda Aur Bijli"in 1970,"Bas yahi apradh main har baar karta hoon, aadmi hoon aadmi se par karta hoon..."from film"Pehchaan"in 1971 and"Ai bhai, zara dekh ke chalo..."from film"Mera Naam Joker"in 1972.
The performance, which ran for three days, follows a profit-seeking merchant who must cross the fictional Yahi Desert to sell oil.
The play narrates the tale of a profit-seeking merchant who desires to cross the Yahi Desert.
Aisha Khan made her television debut in 2000 in the drama serial Tum Yahi Kehna which was aired on PTV.
Ayesha Khan had made her debut in 2000, with Tum Yahi Kehna on PTV.