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ya·hoo 1

 (yä′ho͞o, yā′-)
n. pl. ya·hoos
An unrefined and often loud or disruptive person. See Synonyms at boor.

[From Yahoo, , member of a race of brutes in Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift.]

ya′hoo·ism n.

ya·hoo 2

Used to express exuberance or delight.

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a penchant for rowdyism. [Allusion to Swift’s characters in Gulliver’s Travels.]
See also: Behavior
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Trumpism, or Palinism, or some other personally tailored cocktail of demagogy and yahooism will remain a threat until the party halts its cultural and regional retreat, and engages the cosmopolitan, multiracial 21st century without a crutch of nostalgia and resentment.
Neither Polish peasants nor Slovak nor sexual anxiety nor the Hebron massacre nor the Damascus; neither slander nor the German Olympics nor the general anxiety nor the exhaustion nor the ghettos nor the mellahs nor vengeance nor nationhood nor comparisons nor the Dream; neither cattle cars nor the Greater Thumb nor Yahooism nor pickles nor myth nor scripture nor archaeology nor longing nor arrogance.
"There's a kind of creeping yahooism to Super Bowl week.