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 (yär′tsīt′, -zīt′)
n. Judaism
The anniversary of the death of a relative, observed with mourning and the recitation of religious texts.

[Yiddish, anniversary, from Middle High German jārzīt : jār, year (from Old High German; see yēr- in Indo-European roots) + zīt, time (from Old High German; see dā- in Indo-European roots).]


(Judaism) Judaism the anniversary of the death of a close relative, on which it is customary to kindle a light and recite the Kaddish and also, in some communities, to observe a fast
[Yiddish, from Middle High German jārzīt anniversary; see year, tide1]


(ˈyɑr tsaɪt, ˈyɔr-)

Judaism. the anniversary of the death of a parent or other close relative, observed by lighting a candle and reciting the Kaddish.
[1850–55; < Yiddish yortsayt]
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And in the spirit of multi-culturalism, here come the Chanukah displays: matzah, kosher grape juice, and yahrzeit candles.
Continue reading "On My Father's Yahrzeit, Remembering Him, One Glass of Wine At a Time" at.
That the Rabbi is a kind and wise man is shown when Menashe insists on holding the yahrzeit memorial for his wife at his own apartment rather than the brother-in-law's.
77) Many public musical gatherings to remember Shlomo Carlebach, such as his Yahrzeit concerts, often featured the Hasidic exuberance of many of his musician followers; yet, while these spaces offered safe places for male musicians in the Orthodox popular music world to pay their respects, female musicians remained conspicuously absent.
In a few days, it would be the Yahrzeit of one of his parents.
But given Rich's interest in and awareness of her Jewish identity, I must also think of the flame as part of the annual ritual of yahrzeit, the yearly lighting of a candle to mourn, remember, and honor the memory of the dead.
The young Jewish mutant, Shadowcat, lights a yahrzeit candle for her dead fiance in Marvel's X-Alpir.
com visitors can: learn about sitting shiva rituals and why they are practiced, identify Jewish funeral homes, create a private 'Shiva Registry' to communicate funeral and shiva details with a calendar to coordinate shiva food, search by zipcode to find delicatessens nationwide, send fruit and kosher gift baskets, find helpful resources, make memorial donations and receive emailed Yahrzeit Reminders.
Rabin's yahrzeit is the time for the truth about the vision of this pragmatic leader, rather than the leftist assertion that, had he lived, he would have continued the Oslo process and split Jerusalem.
To make their point the seniors have created an art installation: a vast Jewish Star made out of yahrzeit candles, a Jewish cross-burning on the lawn.
Knowledge of some things may be intuited from scads of silent clues strewn about--closed doors, sorrowful glances, yahrzeit (memorial) candles lining Sabina's kitchen counters during the High Holy Days.