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 (yä′wĭst) also Yah·vist (-vĭst)
The putative author of the earliest sources of the Hexateuch in which God is consistently referred to by the Tetragrammaton.

Yah′wism n.
Yah·wis′tic adj.


(jɑːˈwɪstɪk) or




(jɑːˈvɪstɪk) or


(Bible) Bible of or relating to Yahwism, the Yahwist, or Yahweh
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Of special note in Hess's early chapters is an excursus on the Documentary Hypothesis of the Pentateuch in chapter 3, which illustrates his tendency to push back as far as possible in time the evidence for a Yahwistic cult.
37) The witnesses to the document include persons with West Semitic or Yahwistic names.
A rather harmless symbol--until some Israelites who frequented the Yahwistic temples in Samaria's environs began to believe the shrine's cherub actually was Yahweh
5) The first portion, namely, Genesis 1:1-2:3, is usually taken as the later priestly account (P), whereas the second portion, Genesis 2:4-3:24, is understood as an earlier Yahwistic account (J).
It is the confidence authentic to the Yahwistic Covenant that the foundational reality of the cosmos is Love, rather than the cold mathematics of a merely philosophical hypothesis or the chaos, violence, and celestial rivalries associated with the ancient pagan cults, in contrast to which the Hebrew people had taken their own stand in Faith.
The inscriptions cast new light not only on the Yahwistic community in Samaria, he says, but also on the politics of the Ptolemaic and Seleucid rulers in the southern Levant after Alexander and before the Maccabaean revolt.
By now, biblical scholars are largely in agreement about the existence of four main traditions woven together in the Old Testament: the Yahwistic, the Elohistic, the Priestly, and the Deuteronomic.
Wynn, "The Normate Hermeneutic and Interpretation of Disability within the Yahwistic Narratives," in This Abled Body: Rethinking disabilities in biblical studies, eds.
The Normate Hermeneutic and Interpretations of Disability within the Yahwistic Narratives.
A discussion of the normate bias is found in the chapter entitled "The Normate Hermeneutic and Interpretations of Disability within the Yahwistic Narratives," by Kerry H.
Second, each prophet bears a fine Yahwistic name: according to BDB, "Jeremiah" means something like "YHWH loosens" or "YHWH exalts" (BDB 941), while "Hananiah" means "YHWH has been gracious" (BDB 337).
contends that Yahwistic elements in Proverbs may be early rather than late, and she underscores connections between leading wisdom theological motifs (e.