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also Ya·ki·ma  (yăk′ə-mə, -mô)
n. pl. Yakama or Ya·ka·mas also Yakima or Ya·ki·mas
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting south-central Washington.
2. The dialect of Sahaptin spoken by the Yakama.
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Of the 71 open cases, 31 of them are occurring on or around the Yakama Nation Reservation.
The question before us is whether an 1855 treaty between the United States and the Yakama Nation forbids the State of Washington to impose that tax upon fuel importers who are members of the Yakama Nation.
She is a member of the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe and descendant of the Yakama Nation.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Native American tribes in the US are considering terminating the treaty they have concluded with the US government in the 19th century as a result of President Donald Trump's negative posture toward tribal nations, Yakama Nation Legislative Liaison said.
Heritage University is located on the Yakama Nation Indian Reservation.
Beavert is a member of the Yakama Nation and a native speaker of Sahaptin (or Ichishk<AaAaAeAaAaAeAeAai>in) language.
Meanwhile, the city, state, or other parties such as the Yakama Nation could sue to uphold the Record of Decision, Robison said.
Another example is the third article in the treaty with the Yakima (now known as the Yakama Nation) in 1855: "And provided, that, if necessary for the public convenience, roads may be run through the said reservation; and on the other hand, the right of way, with free access from the same to the nearest public highway, is secured to them; as also the right, in common with citizens of the United States, to travel upon all public highways."
The Yakama Nation and the CTUIR, (9) for example, have written official exposure scenarios--creating standardized data sets for tribal behavior that can be "systematically validated" within the terms of U.S.
A patriarch of the Yakama Nation's Great Council with an enduring respect for his people's traditions, Jobe was a close confidant of old Chief George Mennenick and contemporary of Wyam chief Tommy Thompson.
The Yakama Nation in Washington state recently passed a ban on marijuana on the reservation and is trying to halt state regulated pot sales and grows on lands off the reservation where it still holds hunting and fishing rights.