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Noun1.Belamcanda chinensis - garden plant whose capsule discloses when ripe a mass of seeds resembling a blackberryBelamcanda chinensis - garden plant whose capsule discloses when ripe a mass of seeds resembling a blackberry
iridaceous plant - any bulbous plant of the family Iridaceae
Belamcanda, genus Belamcanda - a monocotyledonous genus of the family Iridaceae
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The region also showcased the Masjid Dimaukom, popularly known as the Pink Mosque-- an important symbol of Islamic religion which stands tall and pink in Maguindanao-- as well as the Lami-Lamihan Festival that highlights the Yakan Tribe from Basilan's rich custom and age-old music. Milo Severo Located seven kilometers from the city center, the Yakan Village is a place where you can see live weaving and a place to buy hand-woven fabric such as malongs, scarves, purses and earrings, among others.
Aside from this, Gray was presented a 'capa del sur,' a traditional cape woven by the Yakan tribe in Mindanao.
However, its mostly Tausug, Yakan and Samal communities along the coastal areas thrive by peddling marine products that they harvest from the surrounding islands.
According to the press release, the previous two summer programmes took place in last two tears, the first at the historic districts of medieval Cairo: in Al-Khalifa in 2017, in collaboration with the Megawra; and in Al-Darb Al-Ahmar in 2018, in collaboration with Turath Conservation Group, an initiative centred around the historic Bayt Yakan and co-founded by Ola Said, a Jameel House alumna and tutor.
Shoppers at the Shang can update their wardrobe and accessories with contemporary Filipiniana looks from merchants like Beth Agarao, and support indigenous artisan labels like Angie's Yakan Cloth, Cowhed and K'Datu Souvenirs.
Yakan Lawrence Ivan Nsabimana and Patrick Akimuntu starred for Rwanda but were unable to contain Uganda who won the set b 28-26 for a 2-0 lead.
I'm always emotional whenever I play against them and unfortunately today I beat them," Bitok was quick to apologise in his post-match address.Trailing 8-4 in the first technical timeout of the second set, Bitok sent in reserve setter Sylvester Ndayisaba, Yves Mutabazi and withdrew Lawrence Yakan and Ivan Nsabimana.
Pasig's Aya wore costume that represents the Yakan people, a major indigenous Filipino ethnolinguistic groups in the Sulu Archipelago.
Earlier reports based on surviving witnesses who saw the bomber just moments before the blast, said the perpetrator appeared to be a foreigner and was having difficulty communicating when spoken to in Basilan's native Yakan dialect.
Hajar Abdul Mubin, also known as Abu Asrie, had apparently been living in Kuala Lumpur with other relatives and friends from the same Yakan ethnic group, mainly found in Basilan, Philippines.