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(ˈjækə) ,




(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) informal Austral and NZ work
[C19: from a native Australian language]
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The camps were organized in Pindi Lalma of Jamrud tehsil, Civil Hospital Jamrud, Dogdara Hospital of Bara tehsil and Yakka Ghund and AHQ Hospital Ghalanai of Mohmand Agency under the supervision of Director Health Services FATA, said a press release.
Other users paid tribute to "lovely soul" Mr Tomkins - who called himself Yakka online.
A user of the chatroom, who does not wish to be named, saw Gregory, known online as Yakka, sit at his computer screen before going into another room and killing himself.
Najih M, Chabni A, Attoulou G, Yamoul R, Yakka M, Ehirchiou A, et al.
The five successive wins that Cardiff achieved to kick start their campaign was, in his mind, a result of their hard yakka on the training ground.
Despite the strong position of the workwear brands KingGee and Hard Yakka in the menswear category, the company entered into an agreement to divest the entire workwear line by the end of 2014 to focus on maximising the potential of its retail operation and leading brands Bonds and Sheridan.
A federal court ruled that the environmental approval granted to Adani in July 2014 by Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt's office failed to include conditions to protect the yakka skink and ornamental snake.
PESHAWAR -- Unknown riders shot dead an Assistant Police Inspector (ASI) in Yakka Toot area Thursday.
A native Australian, Martin works with many kinds of wood that will be unfamiliar to American readers, including Huon Pine, Queensland Rosewood, Yakka, and Jacaranda.
The Workwear Group portfolio includes the King Gee, Hard Yakka and Stubbies brands.
50 more there's Longview Yakka Shiraz 2010 from the not-so-glamorous sounding Macclesfield, in South Australia's Adelaide Hills.
May from 8 AM to 12 PM, May from 8 AM to 12 PM, resultantly the consumer of 11 kv Yakka May from 8 AM to 2 PM, resultantlythe consumer of 11 kv Bagnoter & Thandyani feeders will face inconvenience.