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n.1.(Hindoo Myth.) A kind of demigod attendant on Kuvera, the god of wealth.
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Mr P Kishan Hegde will be the chief guest at the Yaksha Vaibhava programme being organised by the Sangha on September 11 at the Cultural Hall, Bahrain.
Their art work included Aztec sun stones, shadow puppets from India, Thai Yaksha paintings, American Totem poles, Celtic lettering, Mexican masks, and some pupils made bread from a variety of different cultures.
The yaksha and yakshi carved on the struts are not regal figures but subjects of Kuvera's kingdom.
The government not only installed bronze sculptures of Saraswati and Arantuk Yaksha, a godly figure associated with Mahabharata, at the site but also fixed colour lights, swings and dug up a pond nearby.
Similarly, King Yaksha Malla of the Nepal-Mandala had also launched several successful and ambitious military campaigns intended to territorial expansion of his kingdom.
In Kalidasa's version a Yaksha (banished for his misconduct) sends his message of love for his wife--left behind in the city of Ujjain--through the cloud.
31) His eyewitness account vividly described the scenarios when the condemned sinners were tortured by Yaksha, Rakshasa, or Ox-headed and Horse-faced demons.
In one, a human is taken away from the normal world to serve temporarily as the wife of a yaksha.
In his foreword to Yaksha Prashna (Srinivasan, 1984), Swami Satchidananda states that Indians should not forsake their noble heritage because material success does not assure inner happiness, and: "If we really care about our children, we will take the time to educate them properly.
More than 800 people are expected to attend the Bunts Bahrain Yaksha Sambrama event, taking place in co-operation with the Indian Club.
3) or with the scene showing the newborn child brought to the Yaksha Shakyavardhana (slab no.
An inscription erected in the time of King Yaksha Malla is dated N.