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n.1.(Hindoo Myth.) A kind of demigod attendant on Kuvera, the god of wealth.
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Heavy-hipped women and sinuous men with lotuses in their fingers, Buddhas in repose, naked Tirthankaras, tree spirits and underwater nymphs, yakshas and demons, some prostrate, some upright, others on their sides.
Bellisima, semejante a Shri la de los grandes ojos, ni entre los dioses ni entre los Yakshas habia una hermosa semejante; y entre los hombres fue conocida entonces por primera vez una muchacha tal, turbadora del pensamiento de los mismos dioses, la hermosa (p.
He added, They contemptuously called Ravanan and Tamils as Asuras (A+Suras in Tamil means teetotalers), Rakhshasas (Protectors of the Tamils' faith, culture and the way of life) and Yakshas (erroneously interpreted as demons in the Pali by Buddhists chronicles but were a race of human beings and were called Iyakkar - Archers, the ones who uses bow and arrows, in Tamil) because of their strength and courage, valor and for the supernatural powers ascribed on them.
And, as if to emphasize the importance of commerce in the remarkable development of both Ajanta and Aurangabad, the ubiquitous representations of yakshas (nature spirits), large and small, pouring coins out, "implies that abundant monetary wealth was invested at the site (p.
Coomaraswamy, Yakshas (New Delhi: Munshiram Munoharlal, 1971), 4-8.
Moreover, the pictorial artists visualized the main protagonists of the story associated with the place (6) and added legendary figures like Mara and his retinue of monsters (figure 2), or the Naga king Erapattra, or the horse Kanthaka borne by yakshas.
The thematic classification of terracottas offered by the authors is straightforward: mother and child; birth-giving mother; Shri Lakshmi and associated types; lady with hairpins; ganas, yakshas, and nagas; male and female figures with different attributes; mithuna plaques; animal riders; plaques with narrative content; plaques and figurines of animals; and miscellaneous.