Yale University

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Noun1.Yale University - a university in ConnecticutYale University - a university in Connecticut    
Ivy League - a league of universities and colleges in the northeastern United States that have a reputation for scholastic achievement and social prestige
New Haven - a city in southwestern Connecticut; site of Yale University
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When Professor Marsh was out here hunting bones for the chapel of Yale University he found skeletons of horses no bigger than a fox, bedded in the rocks, and he said they were ancestors of my father.
Debiopharm Group, a Swiss biopharmaceutical company, has signed a new license and research agreement with Yale University, a university with a long tradition of basic and clinical biomedical research, it was revealed on Thursday.
Jason Fletcher, Yale University and NBER; Stephen Ross, University of Connecticut; and Yuxiu Zhang, Yale University, "The Determinants and Consequences of Friendship Composition"
An attorney for the Le family indicated that Yale University may be vulnerable to a civil suit based on insufficient security at the research building.
Al-Azhar University, an academic institution popular across the Muslim nation, offers eight scholarships to students at Yale University.
Top 10: 1 Harvard university, (US), 2 University of Cambridge (UK,) 3 Yale University (US) 4 UCL (University College London), UK, 5= Imperial College London, (UK) University of Oxford, (UK) 7 University of Chicago (US), 8 Princeton university (US) 9 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (US) 10.
A Yale University Press spokesman said in an e-mail to Fox News that such worries weighed heavily on them when deciding whether or not to publish the cartoons.
Yale University president Richard C Levin announced the 2008 Yale World Fellows.
The iQ Networking services are expected to help connect students, faculty and staff throughout the campus of Yale University.
Under the agreement, Oncolys Biopharma will receive an exclusive license to develop and commercialize Ed4T from Yale University.
New Haven and London: Yale University Press, hardback 2002, paperback 2004.
Coe recalls in detail his grueling and fruitful excavations in Guatemala and Tennessee, his early work studying the Olmecs and their predecessors, and his establishment of a successful Mesoamerican program at Yale University before his retirement in 1994.

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