Yalta Conference

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Noun1.Yalta Conference - a conference held in Yalta in February 1945 where Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill planned the final stages of World War II and agreed to the territorial division of Europe
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1945: The Yalta Conference between Allied leaders Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin opened in the Crimea.
Winston Churchill, President Roosevelt and Stalin attended the Yalta conference to shape post-war Europe.
It was mentioned only once during the Yalta Conference of 1945 and was integral to the founding language of the United Nations in a way that it had not been for the League of Nations, the U.N.'s predecessor.
What name is given to the demarcation line between North and South Korea agreed at the Yalta Conference? A The 38th parallel B The 2nd parallel C The 100th parallel D The 97th parallel 2.
The occasion was the Yalta Conference in Russia to discuss plans for postwar Europe with Churchill and Soviet Premier Josef Stalin.
Which American president attended the 1945 Yalta conference? A Franklin D Roosevelt B Warren G Harding C Herbert C Hoover D Harry S Truman 5.
"After the Yalta conference, when he had gone on to Moscow, a Soviet personage in a very responsible position (ALES gave to understand that it was Comrade Vyshinsky) allegedly got in touch with ALES and at the behest of the Military NEIGHBOURS passed on to him their gratitude and so on."
Franklin Roosevelt was accused of "selling out" to Josef Stalin at the Yalta Conference in 1945; John F.
Two years later, the Yalta Conference saw the Big Three draft unconditional surrender terms for Germany and plan for Europe's postwar reorganization.
What they are not understanding is the fact that a Congress of Vienna or Yalta Conference kind of a model for Syria would not be a sustainable solution.