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Noun1.Yamaltu - a three-tone Chadic language
Biu-Mandara - a group of Chadic languages spoken in the border area between Cameroon and Nigeria south of Lake Chad
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Gombe State Governor, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has expressed grief over the demise of the Emir of Yamaltu, His Royal Highness, DSP Hassan Usman Jonga ( Rtd) describing it as very unfortunate coming at this time of democratic transition in the state.
Groups such as the Tera, in Yamaltu Deba, have tended to accommodate both Islam and Christianity with relative amity.
This project however found that although male acceptors were in the minority (8% to 19%), male condom uptake was relatively high, representing 54 and 71% of total FP commodity units dispensed in Funakaye and Yamaltu respectively.