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 (yä′mə-mō′tō, -mä-), Isoroku 1884-1943.
Japanese naval officer who planned Japan's naval strategies during World War II, including the attack on Pearl Harbor (1941).
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Noun1.Yamamoto - Japanese admiral who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 (1884-1943)Yamamoto - Japanese admiral who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 (1884-1943)
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Desde 1977, con su primera coleccion en su natal Tokio, Yohji Yamamoto mostro ser un transgresor de violenta creatividad.
patent: 5,335,707 Issued: Aucust 9, 1994 Inventors: Haruyuki Sano, Takao Otani, Masayoshi Nishitani, Mikio Takatsu, Kiyoshi Ueyoko, Toshiaki Yamamoto and Shinichi Miyazaki Assigned: Sumitomo Rubber Industries U.
Yamamoto (1979) and Yamamoto & Felsenthal (1982) showed that teachers do not make accurate predictions of stresses perceived by their physical normal students.
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Yamamoto has been selected by the national Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) as a 2017 recipient of the prestigious Noble J.
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The new Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan, Tadamichi Yamamoto, said there was "no justification for such an attack".
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