Yamamoto Isoroku

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 (yä′mə-mō′tō, -mä-), Isoroku 1884-1943.
Japanese naval officer who planned Japan's naval strategies during World War II, including the attack on Pearl Harbor (1941).
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That's why 50 Military Leaders Who Changed the World is so important not just for military collections but for high school and college-level students of world history: it details both early and modern military leaders who made a strong impact on human history, from Genghis Khan to Yamamoto Isoroku.
The outline of Beekman's tale is familiar: the emerging concordance between Churchill and Roosevelt in opposition to the Axis; the protracted effort to keep the Soviet Union afloat; the developing Pacific strategy of Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku, later pursued by Prime Minister Tojo Hideki; Roosevelt's vigorous response to Japanese expansionism; and finally Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor.