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n.1.(Zool.) The llama.
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The tenth Rialto World Music Festival continues tomorrow with the concert Musical Landscapes of Native Land from the Yamma Ensemble from Israel.
A travers la matriarche Zineb, fille de l'un des Bensalem, un des compagnons de l'Emir Abdelkader dans sa lutte contre le colonialisme, et toute sa descendance feminine que sont les autres femmes de cette saga (Hafsa, Warda, Khadidja, Yamma, Meriem, Fatma et Sara qui avait 18 ans en 2012), Leila Hammoutene, en egrenant les quatre saisons de leur vecu, a montre, avec force, les epreuves endurees par ces femmes et la resistance des populations rurales.
COLD SWEAT: MY FATHER JAMES BROWN AND ME comes from the daughter of a global soul star and tells of how James Brown's complicated musical career created an unusual childhood that challenged Yamma Brown at every turn.
Quamine and Yamma were active agents in this initiative, yet plans were thwarted by outbreak of the American Revolution after completion of their education.
His every joke and every jibe were lapped up by thousands of his fans, who even chanted his name like he was a Bollywood superstar and his entry to the stage would put any rocktar to shame as he danced and sang to Yamma Yamma and I am Disco Dancer.
People gathered in the main room to listen to Egyptian musician Ali Ismail play the lute and sing folkloric Egyptian songs, including El-Sheikh Imam's "Masr Yamma Ya Baheya" and Gamal Bekhit's "Shobak El Nabi" (The Prophet's window).
Wheatley names those who work to prosper these communities: Bristol Yamma, John Quamine, and an unnamed African "so worthy to be honour'd with your Ladiship's [the Countess of Huntingdon's] approbation & Friendship as him whom you call your Brother" ("The Right Honible").
It was the first sign of self-consciousness Yamma had displayed all night.
CARDIGAN: Theatr Mwldan (01239 621200), Frank Yamma.
Yallah yamma,' -- hurry, daughter - urged the mother.
Yallah yamma,' - hurry, daughter - urged the mother.
Case studies of three cypress pine forests in the Lachlan and Bogan River catchments, Forbes Forestry District on Back Yamma, Euglo South and Strahorn State Forests.