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The capital of Côte d'Ivoire, in the central part of the country northwest of Abidjan. It was designated the capital in 1983.


(Placename) the capital of Côte d'Ivoire, situated in the S centre of the country. It replaced Abidjan as capital in 1983. Pop: 468 000 (2005 est)


(ˌyɑ məˌsˈu kroʊ)
the capital of the Ivory Coast, in the S central part. 120,000.
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One hundred French troops moved up from their own staging area at Ivory Coast's capital, Yamoussoukro, where helicopters and trucks were standing by to ferry out foreigners.
The liberalisation of air services in Africa is increasing momentum with the convening of a meeting between officials from 49 African countries in Yamoussoukro on the Ivory Coast over the weekend 13-14 November.
NIGERIAN airline operators have declared their opposition to the move to implement the Yamoussoukro Declaration (YD) stating that the implementation is tantamount to the total demise of Nigerian airlines especially with the inherent challenges the airlines currently face.
By liberalising African skies as intended by the Yamoussoukro Decision, Governments can help bridge this gap but the implementation of this agreement has been slow.
The result was the 1988 Yamoussoukro Declaration, which aimed to create "an environment conducive to the develop- ment of intra-African and international air services.
He is a French Chartered Accountant, holds a Specialization in Public Financial Management from Art et Metiers (Paris) and Master Degrees from the Arts et Metiers (Paris) and Institut National Polytechnique Houphouet-Boigny, Yamoussoukro in Cote dIvoire.
Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara will officially inaugurate the northern motorway that links the economic capital of Abidjan to the political and administrative capital, Yamoussoukro, on 10 Dec.
During the meeting, Cisse said the Ivory Coast is also keen to expand its ties with Iran, and expressed hope that Tehran and Yamoussoukro would strengthen their relations during his mission in Iran.
Today, he lives with his aunt in Abidjan, while his patents are in Daloa, another town north of Yamoussoukro, the political capital.
As far back as 1999, 44 countries agreed in Yamoussoukro, Cote d'Ivoire (the Yamoussoukro Decision) to deregulate air services and promote the opening of regional air markets to transnational competition.
The program is to finance different components of the strategy of the Ministry of Economic Infrastructure for road heritage of the country: network maintenance operations to make them passable routes and avoid the progression of damage consolidation and strengthening of structural sections, the North road between Yamoussoukro and Ouangolo, East road between Adzop and Como river and farm tracks in the area of ?
Their pledge, the so-called Yamoussoukro Decision (YD), was to create a single air transport market across Africa by 2002, mirroring the open-skies movement in Europe that fostered the growth of low-cost carriers Ryanair and easyJet.