Yampa River

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Yam·pa River

A river, about 400 km (250 mi) long, of northwest Colorado flowing north then west to the Green River.
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The successful fight to save the Yampa River decades ago did have a downside.
Anyway, a bunch of French dudes (aka "trappers") in the late 1820s traveling along the Yampa River in what is now Colorado heard a "chug chug" sound emanating from a natural mineral spring and promptly named the spot "Steamboat Springs.
Some of the more intriguing items on the auction block include a 4-day Yampa River Rafting Trip donated by O.
For example, recent population estimates show that northern pike now outnumber the endangered Colorado pikeminnow three to one in the Yampa River.
I compared recent (1982-2011) patterns of productivity and developed models of the productivity-streamflow relationship for Fremont cottonwood in a floodplain stand on the relatively free-flowing Yampa River and a historically similar but now relictual stand on the highly regulated Green River in northwestern Colorado.
In Craig and other towns along the Yampa River, many residents dismiss such talk as nonsense.
At this time, after consideration of the chemicals involved and environmental conditions, it appears unlikely for harmful quantities of the released material to reach the Yampa River," Environmental Health Director Mike Zopf wrote in a news release.
The Dinosaur National Monument area boasts two of the West's most beautiful rivers, the Green River and the Yampa River.
The Yampa River is the last major free-flowing river in the seven-state Colorado River Basin.
The Yampa River, the second largest watershed in the state, and associated wetlands located within a mile of the plant;
The Mantle Ranch; a family's joys and sorrows in the beautiful, remote Yampa River Canyon, 2d ed.
I think it's wonderful that you wrote about the Yampa River and Echo Park in Dinosaur National Monument ["Of Time and Rivers Flowing," Summer 2008].