Yampa River

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Yam·pa River

A river, about 400 km (250 mi) long, of northwest Colorado flowing north then west to the Green River.
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Some of the more intriguing items on the auction block include a 4-day Yampa River Rafting Trip donated by O.A.R.S.; a privately-guided Wolf & Wildlife Watching Tour in Yellowstone National Park; and a Wetland Restoration Tour, Wildflower Walk, and Picnic at Muir Beach in Marin County, California.
For example, recent population estimates show that northern pike now outnumber the endangered Colorado pikeminnow three to one in the Yampa River. Successful control of these nonnative animals is now widely recognized as the biggest obstacle facing endangered fish recovery in the basin.
I assessed BAI during 1982-2011 in stands of mature (>25 y old in 1982) Fremont cottonwood along both the free-flowing Yampa River and the regulated Green River in northwest Colorado.
In Craig and other towns along the Yampa River, many residents dismiss such talk as nonsense.
"At this time, after consideration of the chemicals involved and environmental conditions, it appears unlikely for harmful quantities of the released material to reach the Yampa River," Environmental Health Director Mike Zopf wrote in a news release.
The Dinosaur National Monument area boasts two of the West's most beautiful rivers, the Green River and the Yampa River. The two rivers are just prized river sections for four- to five-day rafting trips, and Vernal is obviously really close to those rivers so it's a great location to be based out of," Callantine says.
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I think it's wonderful that you wrote about the Yampa River and Echo Park in Dinosaur National Monument ["Of Time and Rivers Flowing," Summer 2008].
COZ001>002-004-021 Lower Yampa River Basin--Central Yampa