Dioscorea trifida

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Noun1.Dioscorea trifida - tropical American yam with small yellow edible tubers
yam plant, yam - any of a number of tropical vines of the genus Dioscorea many having edible tuberous roots
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- Drill hole 11DDH111 intersects 17.1m @ 49.1% iron from 190.0 m to 207.1 m in the target Yampi Member.
28 -- Pluton Resources Limited (ASX:PLV) have received final concentrate assay results from the DTR analysis of the second consignment of Yampi Member composite samples from the current Phase II drilling program at the Hardstaff Peninsula, Irvine Island, Western Australia (E04/1172).
(61) It has been reported that joint military training and forward expeditionary bases will be built at Bradshaw and Yampi Sound in Northwest Australia.
Other Christmas specialty dishes include yampi, a sweet yam that is served with ham, beef, goat meat, turkey or chicken.
According to Sam Woolagoodja, an Umede-Worora man from the Yampi Sound, prior to the time of two culture heroes and moiety figures Wodoi (spotted nightjar) and Tjungkun (owlet nightjar), men used simple wooden spears without a spearthrower to hunt and fight.
- Yampi Member Indicated Mineral Resource of 175 Mt @ 33% total iron and 38.6% weight recovery (at a minimum 10% total iron cut-off grade) and includes 59 Mt @ 51% total iron and 55.1% weight recovery above a 50% total iron cut-off.