yin and yang

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Yin and Yang

(Philosophy) two complementary principles of Chinese philosophy: Yin is negative, dark, and feminine, Yang positive, bright, and masculine. Their interaction is thought to maintain the harmony of the universe and to influence everything within it
[from Chinese (Peking) yin dark + yang bright]

yin′ and yang′

(in Chinese philosophy and religion) two principles, one negative, dark, and feminine (yin), and one positive, bright, and masculine (yang), whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things.
[1930–35; < Chinese yīn-yáng]
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Two primary acupoints were used for all constitutional groups ('bai hui' and 'zu san li') and one additional acupoint was used for each of the four different constitutional types: 'qi hai' for the qi deficiency group; 'shen yu' for the yang deficiency group; 'feng long' for the phlegm dampness group; and 'xue hai' for the blood stasis group.
In the assessment made according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, I diagnosed chi and yang deficiency in the kidney and pericardium channels and excess yang of the heart and liver channels.
Both are difficult to treat, even if Western clinicians use the drugs available to them and traditional Chinese practitioners treat the deficiency of qi and blood, the attack of external wind, dampness and heat, and yang deficiency.