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also Yang·chow  (yäng′jō′)
A city of east-central China east of Nanjing on the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal.
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Securities and Exchange Commission, assigned a final rating of 'BBB' to Yangzhou Urban Construction State-owned Assets Holding (Group) Co.
The cluster of dockyards along the Yangtze River in Yangzhou in China's Jiangsu Province is testament to the torrid situation.
Auto Business News-August 24, 2016--Lear signs investment agreement with Administrative Commission of Yangzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone
Chen Jinpeng, General Manager of Yangzhou Hongyun Automobile Co.
PEKyN (CyHAN)- A 19-year-old young man, who went to an amusement park in Sanmenxia Mianchi Yangzhou Square, died after falling from a machine, looking like a pendulum ride.
It began in violence and war as the Manchus swept down from the north, devastating the great cultural city of Yangzhou.
AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA Yangzhou, in eastern China, surpassed the record ThursdayAaAa cooking 4.
Industrial gases company Praxair (NYSE:PX) revealed on Monday the start-up of its new 600-ton-per-day air separation plant at the Liaoning Oxiranchem facility in Yangzhou Chemical Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, China to meet the needs of a diverse set of customers throughout the region.
In Xia's long and careful study "Banben Kao" (A critical examination of the editions [of Jiang Kui's song lyrics]), (9) both the Jiaxing and the Yangzhou editions (nos.
Because live poultry market (LPMs) play a critical role in the transmission of poultry pathogens to humans, we used PCR to investigate the presence of AGV2 in chickens (54 feather shaft samples) from 4 LPMs in Yangzhou and in 178 human blood samples from healthy persons living in Yangzhou.
Schuler AG, a subsidiary of international technology group Andritz, acquired a 51% stake in the Chinese press and machine tool manufacturer Yangzhou Metal Forming Machine Tool Co.
Based on our investigation, most of overwintering larvae are fifth instars, and fourth and sixth instars were minorities in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province (unpublished data).