Yankee Clipper

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a clipper ship built in the United States. See clipper{3}.
Joe DiMaggio; - a nickname for the player who was a prominent member of the New York Yankees baseball team in the 1940's.

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FW Management HSWagner joins Bonded Logistics from Yankee Clipper Distribution where he was General Manager.
Back then tabloids tirelessly covered the Yankee Clipper and former Playboy pinup girl and actress, paving the way for the celebrity-driven, TMZ culture of today.
The restaurant houses a Yankee Clipper airplane with a 30-foot wingspan, that hangs from the roof joists and is suspended over the tables.
Scenes will be shot at the ball park and at the club's quarters in the Yankee Clipper Hotel.
Our second card is the arrival of a Yankee Clipper which would travel from New York to Liverpool in 13 days back in 1854.
I immediately said yes, as I recognized The Yankee Clipper, Joe DiMaggio.
Some of those breeds originally came from China, brought on Yankee Clipper trade ships in the mid-19th century, according to the New England Brown Egg Council.
As the Pan Am Yankee Clipper flying boat banked into its final turn before settling down on the Tagus River, the performers took their seats.
Let us sail the great Big Dipper like a cosmic Yankee Clipper.
The Pan American Airways Yankee Clipper made history 75 years ago when it touched down at Foynes Air Base in west Limerick.
They were Joe DiMaggio's rookie and sophomore seasons, and the Yankee Clipper quickly helped the Bronx Bombers to four straight W.