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(Greek jɔˈanina) or


(Placename) a city in NW Greece: belonged to the Serbs (1349–1430) and then the Turks (until 1913); seat of Ali Pasha, the "Lion of Janina", from 1788 to 1822. Pop: 78 000 (2005 est). Serbian name: Janina


(yɔˈɑ ni nɑ, ˈyɑ ni nɑ)

a city in NW Greece. 44,362.
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"It will really quell the anxiety that's going on in the community," said Yannina Cassilas, Council On American-Islamic Relations legislative and government affairs coordinator, and co-sponsor of the bill.
Since releasing his debut EP 'Yannina' in 2015, Houlsby has been championed not only by Laura Laverne but also by Tom Robinson, and has received extensive coverage on music blogs across the world.
For instance, of "Yannina" (1973) --a poem he wrote after visiting the Greek town of the same name, Merrill said he had wanted to let the succession of scenes, convey not so much meaning as much as a sense of it:
The beautiful dead Phrosine was declared a Christian martyr by the Orthodox Church and her death in 1801 at the hands of 'the Mahometan Buonaparte', (23) Ali Pasha of Yannina (1750-1822), became an enduring symbol of Greek resistance to hated Ottoman rule.
'Yannina,' first published in 1972, is there any departure
Two of the more ambitious (and famous) poems in Divine Comedies, "Chimes for Yahya" and "Yannina" end beautifully after tedious maundering.
A FAMILY row led to Nuneaton woman Yannina Daffern going to her step-sister's home and stabbing her in the thigh with a vegetable knife, a court heard.
Encounters of ailment and art are central to three poems in Divine Comedies (1976), "Chimes for Yahya," "Yannina," and "Verse for Urania." Each moves, by a Merrillian weave of interruptions, from dis-ease toward that convalescent state where strength gathers against and alleviates but doesn't overcome pain and limitation, where cure is incarnate and partial, not redemptive and complete.