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 (yä′nə-mä′mē) or Ya·no·ma·mo (-mō′)
n. pl. Yanomami or Ya·no·ma·mis or Yanomamo or Ya·no·ma·mos
1. A member of a South American Indian people living in widely scattered villages along the Brazil-Venezuela border.
2. The language of the Yanomami.

[Yanomami yąnomamö, human being.]
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(ˌyɑ nəˈmɑ mi)
n., pl. -mis, (esp. collectively) -mi for 1.
1. a member of any of a group of American Indian peoples of S Venezuela and adjacent parts of Brazil.
2. the family of four languages spoken by these peoples.
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According to local newspaper O Globo, Bolsonaro said on Saturday that he was looking for the "first world" to explore the reserves in Raposa Serra do Sol and Yanomami. His comments have caused a huge outcry in Brazil.
This study is part of a wider research study named 'Evaluation of Environmental Exposure to Mercury from Gold Mining in the Indigenous Yanomami Territory of Roraima, Amazon Region, Brazil' (Avaliacao da exposicao ambiental ao mercurio proveniente do garimpo de ouro na Terra Indigena Yanomami, Roraima, Amazonia, Brasil), which was carried out to meet a request by the Hutukara Yanomami Association (Hutukara Associacao Yanomami--HAY).
The 'partial connections' highlighted by the authors' analytic conjunctions--Ifa divination practices and Yanomami shamanism, Kisedje (Amazonia) and Huichol (Mexico) anthropology of Whites, and Meso-American and Afro-American practices of sacrifice--show the inspirational potential of such rapprochements.
Current estimates indicate that measles vaccination coverage in the Venezuelan Amazon region has decreased in all municipalities (Alto Orinoco, 40%; Atabapo 18, 6%; Atures 66, 6%; Autana 35, 5%; Manapiare 30, 5%; Maroa 5, 2%; and Rio Negro 41, 7%) (21), notably affecting the Venezuela-Brazil border, where the current measles outbreak threatens to decimate the ancestral aboriginal Yanomami people.
Thus, each morning the sun will rise, sweet, with no bitterness at all, among the Yanomami huts set ablaze and tribesman infected with fatal viruses by white gods.
The Javari Valley reservation, Brazil's second largest after the Yanomami reservation, stretches over 85,444 square kilometers (32,990 square miles) to the Peruvian border.
One of the worst-hit areas is home to the Yanomami indigenous people, who live in a territory that stretches between Brazil and Venezuela.
The Yanomami have lived in the rainforest stretching from southern Venezuela to northern Brazil for thousands of years numbering 40,000 in all in 2014, The Washington Post reported.
There were 77 confirmed cases among indigenous Yanomami and Ye'kuna communities in Roraima and Amazonas states, according to Pan American Health Organization.
Alcantara relayed the story behind the development of this ingredient, which started in 2009 when a scientific expedition discovered an isolated village in the Amazon jungle (Yanomami Amerindian) whose members did not have any previous contact with modern lifestyles.