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n. pl. Yaqui or Ya·quis
1. A member of a Native American people of Sonora, a state of northwest Mexico, now also located in southern Arizona. Many Yaqui sought asylum in the United States in the early 1800s because of conflict with the Mexican government.
2. The Uto-Aztecan language of the Yaqui.

[Spanish, from Yaqui hiaki.]
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(Spanish ˈjaki)
(Placename) a river in NW Mexico, rising near the border with the US and flowing south to the Gulf of California. Length: about 676 km (420 miles)
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(ˈyɑ ki)

n., pl. -quis, (esp. collectively) -qui.
1. a member of an American Indian people orig. of S Sonora in Mexico: now living throughout Sonora and S Arizona.
2. one of a group of dialects, most now extinct, of the Uto-Aztecan language shared by the Yaquis and other peoples of NW Mexico.
3. a river in NW Mexico, flowing into the Gulf of California. 420 mi. (676 km) long.
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