a.1.Having a rough, dry taste.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Wild lupine and butterfly weed are uncommon but nonthreatened species that serve as important food sources for several endangered or threatened butterflies (Grundel et al., 2000; USFWS, 2003; Yarrish, 2011).
Butterfly weed is a milkweed primarily pollinated by Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera (Fishbein and Venable, 1996) and is known to serve as a preferred nectar source for the adult form of the Earner blue (Grundel et al., 2000; Yarrish, 2011).
A study conducted by Zula, Yarrish & Lee, (2013) found that in rural businesses, human resource professionals are the key individuals responsible for managing their WHP program.
Chief administrator Barbara Yarrish, RN, Vice President of Operations, (717) 812-6100
Allan Yarrish, the Royal Bank of Canada's assistant chief economist, disagrees.
Yarrish believes the government "did exactly what it had to do" by hiking interest rates to put the brakes on the economy.
Yarrish believes free trade lessened the impact of the recession by encouraging foreign investment in Canada.
Yarrish, Patricia Bederman Miller) explores the literature on performance feedback in small businesses and investigates the relationships and significance of performance feedback to the theory and practice of human resource development.