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Their parliamentary powers were terminated ahead of schedule due to the fact that Tajik President Emomali Rahmon appointed Khilolbi Kurbonzoda mayor of Nurek in late July, and Jamshed Saidzoda as head of the Yavan district, said the head of the press service of the lower house of parliament Muhammadato Sultonov.
Mohir Cement is currently working with Chinese investors to produce cement in the Yavan district of the Khatlon region.
The rest of the squad include Wilkista Juma, Josephine Imungu, Queentor Aoko, Peris Omuyumba, Esther Wanjiru, Fanis Kwamboka, Tabitha Wangare, Esther Andawa, Elizabeth Nduta and Diana Jemutai.Others are Cecilia Njeri, Sharon Atieno, Esther Njambi, Carren Auma, Mercy Yavan, Naomi Wangui, Jane Wangechi and Fina Nyaboke.
To begin with Mukherjee visited RSS founder K B Hedgewar's birth place and wrote, " Today I came here to pay my respects & homage to a great son of Mother India KB Hedgewar ji." Whether out of courtesy for the host one should write in such a manner is a matter of debate again as Hedgewar guided by his Hindu nationalism called Muslims a Yavan snakes.
Serbulent Guzey (1), Andac Aykan (2), Sedat Avsar (2), Ibrahim Yavan (3), Serdar Ozturk (2)
$88-million soft loan will be provided by China for construction of plants in Tajikistan on production of cryolite, aluminum fluoride and sulfuric acid in the territory of Yavan district, 70 kilometers southeast of Dushanbe.
TE[pounds sterling]SyAD Secretary-General Ali Zafer Yavan also commented to BugE-n on Thursday that the councils would be established within a week and the investment environment will be assessed in detail for the region.